Iris Keller


Pink Pest

We are under attack. Our earth is under attack by an alien plant species: The Pink Pest.

We now have to get to know our enemy. We have to learn about it, study its behavior. But this is also a chance: It will be possible only if we work together. Humanity united in the fight against this nasty invader.

The Pink Pest is a real parasite – it cannot live without a host – it has a lot of different appearances. It can be seen only when it is too late: A plant gets the appealing pink color when it has definitely been taken by the parasite.

The signal color of Pink Pest is very clear: Do not touch it! Every shape of the Pink Pest has another impact on human beings: some of them only cause asthma. To other Pink Pest plants you get sticked. We even found one Pink Pest plant that paralyzed bugs and began to digest them with a slimy pink mass. Others cause strange behavior on human beings like laziness, shopping-addiction, party-fever, workaholism, egoism and belligerence…

During the Stamp Festival in june 2017 in Hamburg, some specimen can be visited in green house / show room.

The PinkPest Research institute has formulated an open call to everyone: Have you somehow seen the Pink Pest? If yes, please send us fotos or descriptions of your observation and the place where it was found to